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Get IRS Form 8879: Printable PDF for 2023

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Printable IRS Form 8879 Guide

Printable IRS Form 8879 Guide

Filing taxes can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to the process. One crucial form that you might need to file is IRS Form 8879. This document authorizes an electronic return originator (ERO) to e-file your tax return. In this post, we will guide you through the process of obtaining a printable 8879 template, filling it out, and submitting it with ease.

Download the Printable 8879 PDF for 2023

To begin, download and print the IRS Form 8879. You can obtain the printable PDF directly from the IRS website. Follow these steps:

  • Visit the IRS website.
  • Search for "Form 8879" in the search bar.
  • Click on the first search result, which should be titled "Form 8879, IRS e-file Signature Authorization."
  • On the Form 8879 page, click on the "Printable PDF" link to download the file.
  • Open and print the downloaded file.

Guidelines for Filling Out the Template

Before filling out the document, keep in mind these essential guidelines:

  • Use blue or black ink only.
  • Write legibly and accurately.
  • Do not use a pencil or any other erasable writing instruments.
  • Provide all the required information, including your Social Security Number (SSN) and the tax year.
  • Double-check all the figures and calculations.
  • Ensure that both you and your ERO sign and date the copy.

Filing the Printable 8879 Form

Once you have filled out the template, follow these steps to file it correctly:

  • Review the completed template to ensure all information is accurate and complete.
  • Sign and date the template in the designated spaces.
  • Provide your ERO with a copy of the completed and signed example.
  • Keep a copy of the document for your records (it's not necessary to send it to the IRS).
  • Your ERO will e-file your tax return and include the completed Form 8879 as part of the electronic submission.

The Deadline

The due date for filing Form 8879 is the same as the due date for your tax return. For individual taxpayers, this is usually April 15th of the following year. However, if you requested an extension for filing your tax return, the due date for Form 8879 will also be extended accordingly.

Filing Form 8879: Wrapping It Up

Filing the IRS Form 8879 doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. By downloading the printable PDF, adhering to the rules for filling it out, and filing it correctly, you can file your document with ease and confidence. Make sure to keep track of the due date to avoid any potential late filing penalties. With the right resources and guidance, filing your printable blank template can be a straightforward process.

17 Mar 2023